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    The son of an avid gardener and painter (my mother), as well as the son of a life-long sailor (my father), I was born to love the land and the oceans. 


    My formal education took place at the University of Alberta, where I received a Bachelor of Design in 1995. The following year, I moved to Vancouver, where I lived between the mountains and ocean. I hiked, sailed, and I undertook a practice of meditation. It was during this time that I began exploring the sense of the sacred I feel in natural settings. This is where I found inspiration to use painting as a means of drawing connections between the natural environment and spirituality. 


    Currently, I live in Toronto with my wife, Christine and our son, Otto. I continue to travel extensively, photographing places that feel alive to me.


    Artist Statement

    I've grown up with a wonderful ease and enjoyment from taking long nature walks and spending time on the water. The feelings of being grounded and expansive on these outings are so rich that it's easy to make spiritual associations to it. In trying to recreate these experiences, I attempt to capture the emotional memory of a place instead of a documentary style image. This allows for a scene to be coloured by our experience, highlighting some features while others fade away or meld into some other vague memory. In the way that our minds can fuse together different memories into one event, I've made most of my landscapes from different views along the journey, adding a path here, removing trees there. The glass-like coating of resin which seals my paintings adds to the dreamlike quality of the work.


    I’ve recently added abstract paintings to my body of work. These pieces interpret natural elements like waves, vines and birds into simple gestural brush strokes. These forms are expressed in a boundless space, free to grow, float and fly. I want the viewer to internalize this sense of expansiveness and bring it into their own lives.


    I'm a well known Canadian artist with work featured internationally in galleries, art fairs, magazines, tv programs and many private collections. I am based in Toronto, Canada and work with a great team of galleries across Canada that exhibit and sell my work to customers all over the world.


    Steven Nederveen

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