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Between the Moon and the Sun

2019 solo exhibition at Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

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Cascading Sun, 54x54 inches, mixed media, 2019

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Caught Between the Moon and the Sun, 36x72 inches, mixed media, 2019

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Pure Spirit, 48x48 inches, mixed media, 2019

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Whispering Waves, 48x48 inches, mixed media, 2019

Between the Moon and the Sun

May 4-18, 2019
Bau-Xi Gallery

3045 Granville St, Vancouver
Artist's Reception: Saturday, May 4th, 2-4 pm

The gravitational pull of the moon and the sun on our spinning planet keeps our world in a continual state of change. The title “Between the Moon and the Sun” refers to the rise and fall of ocean tides, as well as the turbulent inner world of people. Much like our own lives, the sea is always in a state of flux. The movement of water is captivating to watch in all its forms, from roiling, hateful torrents to zen-like calm ripples, the fluidity of water mirrors the physical and emotional range of our outer and inner worlds.
Steven Nederveen’s newest body of work charts his navigation into the psychic qualities of water. Nederveen draws attention to the physical world (depicted in the photographs) and applies painterly effects to articulate his emotional connection to the sea. Paint and photo form a bonded alchemy of magical revealing and concealing. Gold specks and textures are created by scratching into the emulsion of the photograph to unveil gold tones present in the underpainting. By isolating the wave, it becomes a kind of portrait - the qualities of which have been distilled and given new expression. As an avid sailor, the artist’s relationship with water is an intimate one. Nederveen imbues a sense of mystery and spiritual depth into the waves, derived from his own attachment to the sea. Rolling waves emerge out of a haze of serene grey, or pitching up from a rich blue-black void, while gold highlights spill out of the turbulence between light and dark and settle into a white, frothy foam. ‘Between the Moon and the Sun’ is an intimate meditation on the interconnectedness of planets, water and ourselves.

(Text courtesy of Bau-Xi Gallery)

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