• Some more Press

    I've also been featured in the following publications and websites.

    2018 - West Coast Home and Design Magazine

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    2017 House and Home Magazine, December

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    2017 Various Icelandic Newspapers - artist feature

    2016 Vancouver Home Magazine (see above)

    2016 U.S BLASTING NEWS - Interview with artist

    2016 – 2011 Candice Tells All – Syndicated Interior design tv program-artist segment

    2014 House and Home Magazine Canada, Makeover edition- article

    2013 West Coast Homes and Design – article (page 22-23)

    2012 Keep it Chic – website

    2011 Vancouver Sun Online– Video coverage of “Ebb and Flow” Exhibition

    2010 NOW Magazine, November, “What’s Hot” featuring “Time Raining Down”

    2010 “Divine Design” – Syndicated Interior design tv program – featured art

    2008 Steven and Chris Home Decor Show Online: Top Home Décor Trends of 2008, featuring “Falling Lights Near Stream”

    2008 Hello! Magazine - January, “Sarah’s Personal”: featuring “Koi With Lights”

    2007 Canadian House and Home Magazine - December, “City Living” featuring “Illuminated Landscape”

    2007 National Post, twice with Nathalie Atkison, featuring several paintings

    2007 Now Magazine, November, “What’s Hot”, featuring “Illuminated Tiger”

    2007 ART MAG Gallery Guide, Canvas Gallery Ad, featuring “Koi In Weeds”

    2007 Globe and Mail,“Wish List”, Sarah Richardson, featuring “Koi on Divine Blue”

    2006 Toronto Arts Coalition, Christmas Newsletter

    2006 Cityline TV with Marilyn Dennis, “The art of Hanging”, featuring “Koi In Floating Pond”

    2006 Home & Garden Online article, “The Big Picture” by Lisa Rogers, featuring “Koi in Floating Pond”

    2006 Divine Design, Interior Design TV Show, 3 episodes, featuring several works